Travel notes on Italy

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General information (mainly about northern Italy)

Italian people don’t speak much english (or are not really enclined to speak english).

There are mainly two categories of train tickets in Italy : Frecce and others. When you go on Trenitalia website the search form is only for Frecce, by default, and Frecce are the most expensive trains (more comfortable, but not necessarily faster).

Last trains between cities are usually at 10pm or 11pm, make sure not to miss the last one !

In Frecce trains, there are power plugs, even in 2nd class, but they are not european standard power plug. A small charger will

Regional trains are the equivalent of French TERs, they are not very fast (but depending on the journey, they are not necessarily much slower than Frecce) and don’t have any power plug or so. They are not very comfortable neither, with often a lot of people, but are quite cheap.


Connection between Verona station and Verona Airport are very easy. There is a bus each 20 minutes during the day, and the connection costs 6€ (tickets can be bought onboard or in Verona station).

Verona Airport

Verona Airport is a very small airport. All the boarding are done with buses. There is no free wifi, nor power plugs in the airport. As it is a small airport with many tour operators flights, checkin and security controls can be quite long.

Verona station

No power plugs available in the station… =(


Venice airport <-> Mestre station (Venice main station) is really difficult, especially the first time.

This connection costs 6€ and two companies are available : ATVO and the regular bus company of Venice. Always take ATVO which is much more comfortable and faster.

When going from the airport to the train station, it is quite easy to find your way, and everyone speaks english at the airport. Just be aware that the bus will drop you on a parking at the end of the street of the train station. If you are starting from the train station, you have to take the bus at the bus stop on the parking in the end of the street, on the right of the train station, when exiting.

Venice is a very turistic place, so note that there are many groups at the airport. Personnally, Venice was my worst experience with security control, way too long…

There are power plugs in the airport.